Thursday, May 7, 2009

How to write- An "I Wish" poem (part 2)

On March 3rd, I decided to write an "I wish" poem. I have had two comments, where the comments thought this poem was too much like a list. I am offering a challenge to you to write one and leave it in the comment section. I will write a special post that has all of your poems. I am really looking forward to reading your poems.

I wish this computer hadn't frozen.
I wish I could get the USB ports to work.
I wish this computer had more memory.
I wish my husband was here.
I wish technology wasn't so fickle.
I wish I could fix this.
I wish we could figure out the problem.
I wish...

I chose to write a how-to write a poem yesterday, because I was having a lot of problems with my computer. An "I wish" is a poem has eight to ten lines and each line begins with "I wish". This was a fun poem to write and I hope you have fun writing one too.

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