Friday, May 15, 2009

Writing Prompts- Family Trips

Do you ever take trips with you family? When I was still living at home my family used take a trip either to Wisconsin or Idaho almost every summer. Here is an outline from a trip we took to Wisconsin. Are there any specific details you would add?

Describe what you remember the most from our drive to Wisconsin.

The parts that I remember the most were all of the rain and lighting in Wyoming and South Dakota and the trees along the Mississippi River.

I was driving when we went through all of the bad weather. It was some of the worst rain that I had ever seen. If it was a snow storm it would have been a very bad blizzard. There was one time when I would have pulled off to the side of the road, but by the time I did it was getting better.

There was a really nice thunder cloud too. It had so much lightning in it. It was happening all of the time. I was very glad that I was not there.

The other part that I really liked was along the Mississippi River. It was very different than that near Dubuque, Iowa. These bluffs are much higher and there were a lot of trees. The river there is a lot bigger too. It is very pretty. I notice that Wisconsin has more trees than a lot of other states. I personally like being able to see things other than trees. They make me feel closed in. I like being able to see.

I would really enjoy reading about a family trip you have taken. Where did you go?

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  1. Hey writer, I really like this, especially the comments about trees - I am quite the opposite, don't mind being closed in - although there is nothing better than the open view from the top of a mountain!