Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How to write- An "I Wish" poem

I wish this computer hadn't frozen.
I wish I could get the USB ports to work.
I wish this computer had more memory.
I wish my husband was here.
I wish technology wasn't so fickle.
I wish I could fix this.
I wish we could figure out the problem.
I wish...
I chose to write a how-to write a poem yesterday, because I was having a lot of problems with my computer. An "I wish" is a poem has eight to ten lines and each line begins with "I wish". This was a fun poem to write and I hope you have fun writing one too.


  1. This doesn't really seem much like poetry to me. It seems like a list. Granted, poetry is in the eye of the reader, but it doesn't work for me.

  2. This doesnt even really seem like a poem.More like a list :(

  3. http://rayrayswriting.blogspot.com/2009/05/how-to-write-i-wish-poem-part-2.html
    Please go here if you think my poem is too much of a list and you can write your own "I Wish" poem in the comment section. I will then make a special post for all the poems.

  4. I think the poem's fine, I Wish poems are "listy" poems. And so are What Bugs Me poems. Think of Shel Silverstein's classic poem for kids, Sic. It lists lot of ailments. Usually, I write I Wish poems like this:
    I Wish...
    I had an exciting adventure. I had some s'mores to eat.
    I have a "vacation getaway"
    it can rhyme if you want, but I don't like making it rhyme.
    I always do 10 lines.
    -a poet

  5. i am looking for an i wish poem about anything give me some info thanxxxxxxx

  6. hewy wats up im looking for an i wish poem im in junior high i want a poem about anything thanxxxxxxxxxxx keep me updated

  7. Im also in junior high and looking for a good i wish poem.

  8. you guys a i wish poem is when you say something like this;
    I wish i was a forest full of tree
    out all the people
    who want to cut down the trees
    and saving endangered animals
    and plants forever.