Sunday, March 8, 2009

Writing Prompt- Do you enjoy watching TV?

Do you enjoy watching TV? I enjoy watching many different shows. We do not have cable or satellite, but we do have digital TV. We get 20 channels now and it can be fun to watch all the different networks. I like educational shows the best, but I always have fun watching shows with my children. PBS and Qubo are our favorite stations.

My children love watching Marvin the Tap Dancing Horse. This show takes place at a carnival where a young boy makes friends with a horse, pig, elephant and tiger who live and work at a carnival.

This show encourages my children to tap dance around our kitchen floor. They ask me to turn on the radio to jazz or classical and they have fun dancing around.

The other show that makes them excited about dancing and singing is The Lawrence Welk Show. We enjoy that show as our weekly family show. We sit around, eat popcorn and enjoy the show. It is fun to have a tradition with my children.

We do enjoy TV and it is fun when you can have traditions with your children and family.

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