Monday, April 6, 2009

Carnival of Family Life!!!

Welcome to this week's Carnival of Family Life!!! I have enjoyed reading your posts. As you read the posts, please comment and socially bookmark to show the blog owners we appreciate their hard work. Thank you for reading. Enjoy!!

Family Cooking & Recipes

Missy presents Tea Party posted at The Pink Pistachio.

Cyndi Lavin presents Low country shrimp and black-eyed peas posted at Real Food Fast!. Cyndi is "obsessed with low country recipes lately" and presents her current favorite.

Annette Berlin presents Baked Potatoes With Spinach And Cheese Sauce posted at Craft Stew. "From start to finish, delicious baked potatoes with spinach and cheese sauce takes 15 minutes," according to Annette, "if you have a large and robust microwave."

Family Crafts & Activities

GrrlScientist presents Let's Give Three Bronx Cheers for Bumblebees! posted at Living the Scientific Life, filled with pictures and reference tools, is a discussion of the natural history and economic importance of Bombus species -- the bumblebees -- and what you can do to help them live in your garden.

Lori DiPatri presents Wednesday...Pizza Night posted at Where in the world is....Deerwood Drive.

Renae presents A Simple Way to Store and Preserve Children's Art posted at Life Nurturing Education.

Stephanie presents Natural Dye for Eggs posted at Make It From Scratch, demonstrating a fun and natural way to dye Easter eggs.

Chief Family Officer presents What do you put in an inexpensive Easter basket besides candy? posted at Chief Family Officer. Readers need to provide suggestions for how to fill up an Easter basket without including any candy at all.

Scott Allen presents Change It – A Social Media Meme for a Better World posted at Scott "Social Media" Allen. "When I accessed my 14-year-old son's MySpace photo gallery, you'll never guess what I found," Scott writes.

Family Finance

Finance Tips 101 presents Tips On How To Apply For A Scholarship posted at .

James presents Five Things to Do Once You are Out of Debt Fine-Tuned Finances posted at Fine-Tuned Finances.

Jim presents » Top 5 Online Banks: Savings or Checking Accounts posted at Bargaineering.

RateNerd presents How To Protect Children From Identity Theft posted at Rate Nerd. "They can’t vote, drink or apply for credit cards. Yet every year nearly a half-million children have their identity stolen and used by an adult," RateNerd explains. "Often, the criminal and victim are members of the same family."

DR presents 10 Tips to Declutter Your Finances posted at The Dough Roller, a discussion of Leo Babauta's new book and “the fine art of limiting yourself to the essential . . . in business and in life.”

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Debt Elimination Tips: How To Reduce Debt With These Dos and Don'ts posted at The Digerati Life.

Super Saver presents Claiming a Parent as a Dependent on a Tax Return posted at My Wealth Builder.

The Smarter Wallet presents Job Hunting Tips: How To Deal With Losing Your Job posted at The Smarter Wallet. Every day, American families are being impacted by job losses, so these tips are timely, as well as useful.

Family Health and Wellness

Cyndi presents Another Simple Way to Release Stress Now posted at Evolution, explaining a step-by-step method to improve mood and decrease negative side affects.

Greg presents Emergency Food Storage Can Keep Your Family Safe during Crisis posted at DfendYourself. Emergency food storage is the first step in preparing for a calamity.

Kakie presents Nature Deficit Disorder: Leave No Child Inside posted at Bur Bur & Friends: Community Park. "Lack of unstructured outdoor play may have profound effects on the future of our kids," opines Kakie.

Aparna presents Medicinal value of Gooseberry (Amla) posted at Beauty & Personality Grooming. Amla has the highest quantity of vitamin C in natural form -- much more than oranges. Vitamin C, an anti-oxidant, lowers the risk of mouth, throat, stomach and cervical cancer, and fortifies the immune system.

Family Humor

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Does Your Guilt Spring Eternal? posted at Mad Kane's Humor Blog.

Gal Josefsberg presents Good Neighbors posted at Gal Josefsberg, a tale about "two angry cats, one scared squirrel, and why my neighbors and I stopped talking."

Parenting Tips & Advice

Tracey presents 10 Ways to Entertain a Sick Child posted at Homemaker Barbi.

David McSweeney presents A Male Perspective: Becoming A Father posted at Girlz Night Magazine.

Jim presents Cell Phone Tracking For Teens posted at GPS Cell Phone Tracking. According to Jim, "Leveraging your teen's cell phone to ensure that they drive safely is a low cost option for parents."

Jeannie Anderson presents The Word Doesn't Change the Kid: Autism 101 posted at The Adventures of Mr. Busypants. Jeannie is a part-time college-level writing instructor/freelance editor who writes about her 6-year-old son with autism, and his little sister who is almost two years old.

Chris Channing presents A Guide To Computer Parental Controls posted at LearnStuff. "Parental control software has a simple purpose: keep one’s child safe from all the harm that the Internet may bring," writes Chris.

JuzaNobo presents Excessive Playing of PC Games: The Bad Effects posted at WrapT NoTES, offering tips to prevent your children from becoming addicted to computer games.

Dan presents How to Survive a Restaraunt with Your Kids posted at My Dad Blog, outlining some "unique approaches to surviving the dreaded 'out for dinner' experience with young children."

John presents All About Baby Thermometers posted at

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