Sunday, April 19, 2009

Writing with a Theme- Loyalty

Once upon a time in Pleasant Town, there was a boy who was new to the baseball team. This was his first time being on a team, so he did not know it was important to always support his team in all that they do.

One Saturday after practice the whole team decided to go to the matinee. It was only $.25 after all. The new boy decided he was going to sit by some boys from another school and not his team; this boy was about to get a lesson in loyalty.
The new boy was soon teased by the boys for wearing glasses and being new in town. The biggest boy threatened the boy and said," I will see you outside after the show,'' the new boy did not say anything, but he just looked straight ant the screen. He was wishing he had stayed with the team. The team knew about the threats, because the fight news was being whispered throughout the theatre. The new boy did not know what to do. He knew he could leave them, stay in the theatre or simply face the bully at the end of the show. He thought he would just walk out at the end and see what happened.

He did not enjoy the show and was glad to get out of there. To his surprise his whole baseball team was there waiting for him the bully decided it was too much to go up against a whole baseball team, so he left. The new boy learned that loyalty no matter how new could always surround you.

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