Monday, April 20, 2009

National Poetry Month- autobiographical poem

Today in honor of National Poetry Month I am going to do an autobiographical poem base on the form below, by pretending that I am someone else. I will be skipping line 11.

Line 1: My name
Line 2: 3 personal characteristics or physical traits
Line 3: Brother or sister of or son/daughter of or husband/wife of
Line 4: I love 3 people, things, ideas
Line 5: I feels 1 emotion about 1 thing
Line 6: I need 3 things
Line 7: I share these 3 things
Line 8: I fear these three things
Line 9: I would like to see 1 place, or person
Line 10: I dream about 1 item or idea
Line 11: A student in my school or teacher's name
Line 12: My nickname or my first name

Woman, gullible, clothed
Wife of Adam
I love God, Adam and free will
I feel sad about eating the fruit
I need God, my husband, my food
I share consequences, a rib and Love
I fear God, pain and loss
I would like to see my grandchildren
I dream about the Garden of Eden

I hope you enjoyed learning about an autobiographical poem during National Poetry Month.


  1. Interesting twist on the theme! That's a thought-provoking view of Eve's character. It would be interesting to have a similar one about Adam, hmm?

    Crist te asperie,

  2. Yes, I suppose a poem about Adam would be interesting. What would you say?