Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Writing Prompt- using Serendipitous Setting Descriptions

Pick an adjective, place and phrase from http://writingfix.com/right_brain/Serendipitous_Setting1.htm SerendipitousSetting Descriptions

I picked dangerous, fountain, and on a miniature train set.

One day I was working on my miniature train set when I noticed the fountain was working. This was not the first time I had seen the fountain by itself so I wasn't too worried.

I continued working on my new two-story depot. I was really excited about my new depot. My best friend had made it for me and had given it to me on my birthday. It was a replication of my favorite depot in Mashy, Michigan. I was so impressed with the job that Timmy had done. I compared the pictures that I had with the depot and there was nothing missing, I could not believe Timmy had been able to put in all of the details.

What was this? My fountain, which usually just ran water, was now running purple water and was shooting sparks. That was really strange. I was not sure what to think. I had never seen that before, was something strange going to happen or did I need to return the fountain to the store?

I decided to leave the depot where it was and run the trains. I had three trains, so I wanted to see what would happen to the fountain if I stopped the trains at the depots and also at the fountain. I started running the trains, one at a time and slowly at first. As far as I could tell the fountain had not changed yet. It was still running purple water and shooting black sparks out of the top. I decided to stop my smallest train at my oldest depot. It was a replica of an old West depot. I stopped my middle-sized train at my Scottish depot. As far as I could tell the fountain was still behaving as before. Actually it seemed to be a little happier. It was still purple, but it had stopped shooting the black sparks.

I was ready for my last train. This train engine was my pride and joy. It was a silver and black steam engine and that looked like the Orient Express. Now that I think about it, it was after I had gotten this engine the fountain started to behave strangely. I just had to drive my engine past the fountain and to my new Mashy depot. I wasn't sure what I was going to do if my fountain turned dangerous, Well, nothing happened when I drove next to the fountain and stopped for about five minutes, actually the fountain water got lighter.

I took this as a good sign. I decided to move on to Mashy Depot. You will never believe what happened next. The fountain was so upset that the black sparks turned red and caught the nearby bushes on fire. The water turned black and went everywhere. Fortunately it put the fire out, I sure did not know what I was going to do about the fountain. I decided to take it off the train table for a couple of days to see if it could start acting rationally. Please stay tuned to see if I got rid of the fountain or Mashy Depot

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