Friday, April 17, 2009

What is a Color Poem?

As National Poetry Month continues, we learn about a new type of poem. A color poem is about a single color by using analogies, similes or list nouns about that color. When writing a color poem the author can also use the five senses. Below is a poem I have written using the five senses.

Blue is all

Blue is a Rocky Mountain Bluebird in flight.
Blue is the sound a sunny day makes.
Blue smells like a blueberry.
Blue tastes like Blue Moon ice cream.
Blue feels like a hammock ready to swing in during the summer.
Blue is the color of love in my husband’s eyes.
Blue is a blue merle collie barking on a foggy spring morning.
Blue feels snug like my jeans.
Blue is the lid of peanut butter for the kids’ breakfast.
Blue is a pen I like to write with.
Blue is a robin’s eggs and the promise of new life.
Blue rose bushes are the promise of summer to come.
Blue is the passion when giving and receiving a blue diamond.
Blue is the ocean as big as God’s love.
Blue is the lonesome sound of a steam engine
Blue is the bluebells, delicate as life itself.
Blue tastes like mint, my toothpaste when I go to bed.

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