Sunday, November 2, 2008

My most embarrassing moment and my thoughts on it

I would have to say that my most embarrassing moment happened in Montana.

I was there with my 4-H range team for Montana Range Days. We had left from Douglas earlier that day and I had not had anything to eat since the day before. It was after I had some lunch that I was not feeling very well. When we went to the field to look at plants I got sick while we were still driving in the car. I was in the back seat in the middle, not a very good place to get out. Fortunately for me, it just went all over me. I was so lucky that it did not go over anybody else. At that point in time I don’t think that part was very embarrassing it was later when Brady mentioned it at the Pizza Hut when we were eating supper. I know that my face got as red as the table clothes on the tables. It was fine though I was pretty experienced with getting sick. I had just gone way too long with out eating. It was a good learning experience. I took care to not do that again. I am much better about things like that now. Looking back on the experience I was so dumb for not having a little bit of something to eat, especially when I knew that I could sometimes get sick from riding in the back seat of the car. When you are a child you just never know what kind of things you should do or not do. I guess I just learned different lessons when I was younger.

I am pretty sure that was my most embarrassing moment. I cannot really think of any other thing that could be my most embarrassing moment. I am sure that there could be different moments, but my memory has decided to erase them. I could ask different people if there are some embarrassing moments, but I don’t think that I will. I prefer to have some dignity and just have the memory of one thing that did not go right for me that day in Montana.

I know that there will be more embarrassing moments in my life, but I truly believe that they only are what you make them to be. It does not matter what other people think of your actions. It is only how you see yourself. If you happen to be a self- conscious person everything can be embarrassing to you. Even what you find embarrassing others may not. Embarrassing moments are just your perceptions of your life and the lives of others.

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  1. That is embarrassing. At least it only went on you and not on anybody else.