Friday, November 14, 2008

What do you take when you have to evacuate?

Oh, no I have ten minutes to evacuate my house forever. What am I going to take with my. I am so glad that my family and pets are safe. I know I am going to grab the two laptops and the hard drives. I am not going to lose the pictures I have taken of my children. I am also going to make sure that I get my camera. The last things I would grab are several books that are not replaceable and the small safe, which holds our important documents. I do not want to have to replace social security cards and other things like that. I would ask the children to quickly think of something that was of importance of them that they would like to continue to have. I would not try to grab anything else, because other things are materialistic. As long as I have my family and pets, everything else can be replaced.

I think that everybody needs to think of the things they would take with them, because with all the floods and fires that are taking place in the United States they need to be prepared.

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