Sunday, February 15, 2009

Additions You can make to "This Little Pig went to Market"

Many children know the nursery rhyme, “This Little Pig went to Market” and here are some ideas so you can make your own rhyme. Have fun and make sure you have five pigs not four or six.

This little pig went to:
Ride a 4-wheeler
Drive a tractor
Chop wood
Go to school
Go swing
Go slide
Go on the merry-go-round
Push bales
Play in the snow
Build a snow fort
Go skiing
Go snow boarding
Go sledding
Build a snowman
Rake leaves
Use binoculars
Plant a garden
Drive a truck
Drive a trackster
Send an e-mail
Do the dishes
Cook a meal
Set the table
Clear the table
Say grace
Put on pajamas
Brush teeth
Take a bath
Go to the bathroom
Shovel snow
Mow the lawn

I hope you enjoyed these ideas. I look forward to hearing about any ideas you have.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the creativity! They'll help with my kids when I need to do something different.