Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What do you like to see in a blog post?

I am really interested in any feedback you may have.

When I look at a blog post I like looking for the content and the length.

I prefer to read posts that are shorter, because sometimes when I have to scroll down it seems like it is takes a long time to read and I may be short on time. In different sites on the internet and in books I have read that people should aim for at least 250 words or one page double spaced per post. What do you think?

I enjoy reading all of the blog post. I think it is neat how technology has changed so we are able to read about what people are doing in other countries. I have read blogs from Australia, England and the United States today.

Since I enjoy reading all the blogs content is not that important to me. It is important only in the way that some of the blog post may not interest me enough to go to again and again, but I will read always read a blog post for those that comment with me or are a blog of note. Sometimes I will go from blog post to blog post to see what is out there. I have enjoyed seeing what everybody has to offer.

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  1. I like to see paragraphs. If there's too much in one chunk, my eyes can't handle it. Other than that I just like interesting, relevant content.