Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What are the Chapters in Your Life?

Chapter 1. When I was born
Chapter 2. When I went to Boxelder Rural School
Chapter 3. Life in High School
Chapter 4. Those College Days
Chapter 5. Married and Happy
Chapter 6. Life with Kids

Write three beginning sentences to Chapter 4, “Those College Days”.
1. It was a hot August day when I was left in a big town 800 miles away from my home.
2. It sure is going to be a long four years.
3. Where am I going to live, they never sent me my room assignment?

Write three ending sentences to Chapter 4, “Those College Days”.
1. This was a hot May day to have graduated.
2. This has been the fastest four years.
3. I found my room and my roommates have been the best.


  1. For me it would be:
    Chapter 1 - Born
    Chapter 2 - Travelling around the world as part of an army family
    Chapter3 - Boarding School
    Chapter 4 - Short time at uni
    Chapter 5 - Get a proper job
    Chapter 6 - Quit proper job and become a nomadic bum! hehe!
    Chapter 7 - as yet unwritten.

  2. Well OverlandSi, those sound like some interesting chapters. What is uni? And have fun as a nomadic bum!