Monday, February 9, 2009

How to write a personal letter- Advocacy

Do you need to write a letter to an important official? Then here is what you need to do.

-State clearly what you need from the recipient of your letter.
-State briefly why you think it should be done.
-Avoid giving too much detail.
-If you need to be contacted, make sure you give the proper information.

Form for your letter:

Letterhead in the top center


Name of recipient
Title of recipient


In the first paragraph state what you want the recipient to do for you.

In the second paragraph give the most important facts that support what you need done.

In the third paragraph tell the recipient how they can make a difference, no facts. Say this in a personal way.

In the fourth paragraph thank you recipient for considering you and give your contact information.


Your signature
Your name typed
Your title.

This has been our final personal letter. If there are other types of personal letter that I have missed, please tell me and I can add them.

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