Friday, February 13, 2009

How to write a resume- Writing Tips and Objective Statement

When I write my resume there are four things I always keep in mind: no lying, be professional, be concise and proofread.

If you are not it will catch up to you, whether it is in the interview or the background checks. If you get the job and you lied about knowing a certain skill, your boss will soon find out when the task is incomplete.

Your friends may like that wild e-mail address of yours, but a prospective employer may not. It is better to have an address that shows you are as professional as everybody else. You can acquire free e-mail addresses from sites such as Google, Hotmail, and Yahoo.

Also, if your current employer tracks e-mails, it would be better if you didn’t use a company e-mail address when job hunting. I would not like it if my employee was using my computer and time to job-hunt.

When selecting your new e-mail address do a variation of your name like johnjdoe, jjdoe or johnjd. It is much more professional than “hottrotter”.

Are you a busy person? Chances your prospective employer is too. I suggest writing all your skills, jobs, and awards and recognitions. I will discuss at a later date how to incorporate everything into the resume that will be fit you. Some of you who have been in the workforce for many years may need to have two pages, which is acceptable. My resume may even equal two pages. As you work on writing your resume I will be working on updating and fixing my resume, so I will show you examples using my information and skills. This will be a learning experience for us all.

Your Objective Statement-
Your objective statement is a couple of sentences that focus on your career goals. One example would be; an opportunity to lead others in a high paced college cafeteria. Please be as specific as possible, because you want it to relate to and be specific to the job you are interest in. After you are done writing your objective statement you will place it under your name and address if you desire to keep it in there.

Writing a resume can be a fun learning experience, just remember honesty, professionalism and conciseness.

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