Monday, January 12, 2009

How to write a short story- Part One

Hi, my name is Sue. I work on a dude ranch outside of Cody, Wyoming. It sure is pretty country. There are lots of pine and spruce trees and some quaking aspens. One of my favorite things to do on my days off is ride up in the trees on my horse, Jack.

I have always had a good life. I had two wonderful parents who did the best they could for us, it is mighty hard to make a living out here in the sagebrush of Wyoming. My nine siblings and I had all we could want, but we always knew our parents sacrificed a lot so we could have shoes to wear to school and a set of nice clothes for Sunday meetin’ time. I knew a lot of kids only had shoes with holes in them, because their families couldn’t even get them repaired.

Although I have had that good life there has always been something troublin’ me. And that is the Sunday meetin’ time. Those Circuit Riders were always hollarin’ and makin’ me feel like God was goin’ to get me if I looked cross-eyed at the neighbors. I had done some readin’ of the Bible and from what I gathered the Old Testament God was like that, but not the God of the New Testament.

I ain’t been livin’ at home for nigh on twenty years give or take. I left when I was sixteen, so my family wouldn’t have to support me no more. I knew I could find work as a dishwasher or cook at one of them fancy dude ranches up near the park, Yellowstone National Park.

This ranch I’ve been workin’ at has been real good to me. It has been around since the late 1800’s and is still goin’ strong here in the 1950’s. I started out a dishwasher, then helpin’ prepare the food and now I’m the boss over ‘em all in the kitchen. It sure is lots of fun. Once in a while I get letters from some of my friends and they don’t get the days off like I do.

I have been havin’ difficulties with my relationships with God. I still see him as I did when I was livin’ at home, scary. I can feel God trying to work on my heart every day. I have been thinking that I would take today to ride up to my favorite spot along Libby Creek to learn more about God and really listen with my heart.

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