Saturday, January 24, 2009

What kind of game can you play in the leaves?

It is still cold and snowy where I live, so I thought I would re-post something I wrote for one of my favorite times of year, fall.

It was a wonderfully sunny day when we decided to play our new and improved game of hide-and-seek. The pink, purple and blue leaves of the purpa trees had finally all fallen as the weather on Turda had grown colder. My friends and I were excited about our game. We had been talking about it since the spring. Our new game had only one rule. Hide in the leaves. One person would count and the others would hide in the leaves. We were lucky that there had been so many leaves on the trees and no wind. It meant that we had five feet of leaves to play in. I was going to be the first one to count. I decided to count to 100 to make sure that everybody would have a chance to hide. We had not even gone into the leaves, so we were not sure how it would be to go walking or running through them. We had been saving them until they were perfect. My friends ran into the leaves laughing as they tried to find a place to hide. I thought I would listen carefully to see if I could figure out where everybody hid. I counted to 100 and decided to go into the leaves. I knew that I would have to walk carefully, because I did not want to run into anybody and I was unsure how I would be able to see. The suns’ light shining through the pink, purple and blue leaves were beautiful. I could see through the lighter colored leaves and that helped me to see where I was walking. As I pushed the leaves away I could see that they did not close behind me. I knew then all I had to do was to find the paths that my three friends had made and go find them. I decided to wander around the in the leaves looking at the different shades of colors until I found a path. The first path I found was beginning to fill in again, so I knew I had to work quickly. I ran quickly to see who would be hiding at the end of the path. It was Georgie!! The two of us then quickly found Xristy and Marky. The four of us decided that this was the best fun that we had ever had playing in the leaves and we would play our new game tomorrow. We just hoped the wind wouldn’t blow away our leaves.

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