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How to write a short story- review

Here is what I have done so far for my short story. In the next couple of days I will start giving parts of my story. One of the things we need to remember is that what we originally decided may not happen in the story.
How to write a short story.
For the next couple of weeks I am going to show you how to write a short story. Today I will give you some basic instructions.

1. Choose a point-of-view:first personthird-person limited (narrator who focuses on one person)third-person omniscient (narrator who gives thoughts and observations from more than one person)
2. Create your characters: have a protagonist, antagonist and possibly other characters; develop the character's characteristics and physical traits
3. Create the problem or conflict in one of these forms:main character vs. himself/herselfperson vs. natureperson vs. societyperson vs. God/fateperson vs. person
4. Create believable characters and setting with vivid descriptions and dialogue
5. Build tension by letting the main character have several failed attempts at solving theproblem. This section may need to be skipped in a short story
6. Develop a crisis which will make it the last chance for the main character to solve the problem
7. Have the main character solve the problem through some positive attribute such as courage,creativity, or intelligence
8. Extending the ending is a possibility by reflecting upon the story and its significance to thecharacters.

How to write a short story- choosing a point-of-view
Yesterday I gave the steps for writing a short story. Today I am going to do step one, choosing a point-of-view.I gave a lot of thought during the day whether I wanted first person, third-person limited or third-person omniscient. I am going to do first person, because that is the hardest point-of-view for me to do. I want to write a story in which the character truly comes to life for the reader.Tomorrow I will be working on creating the characters. I hope that all of you enjoy working on the short story with me. Please tell me any ideas or concerns that you have. I welcome all comments.

How to write a short story- creating characters
I hope everybody has decided upon their point-of-view. Tonight I will be creating my character. At this time I plan on having only one.Physical characteristicsgender- womanage- late 20's early 30'sheight 5'6"weight 140 poundseyes- brownShe has a job as a ranch had which makes her very happy. She is unsure about the future and questions life. She needs more.

How to write a short story- creating a problem or conflict
The conflict in my story is based on person vs. God or fate.In this story Sue is happy, but she knows there is more to life. She has gone to church in the past, but she has not been interested in the God that the church has portrayed. She decides to take her Bible and her horse and go to the forest for a ride.

How to write a short story- establish setting
Sue has the day off, so she is going to take her horse and ride for the day. She knows there is a God, because she went to church every Sunday with her family when she was younger. Sue was never able to learn about God in the personal way she wanted to and today is going to be the day she has chosen to learn about God. Her trip takes her through the forest to a clearing with a small creek running through it. Sue has been here before in this quiet area, when she felt God trying to speak to her. Sue knows this clearing with the grass, iris, buttercups, and sagebrush is the perfect place to learn about God. She is going to pray to God, so he can help her pick the best parts of the Bible to read.

How to write a short story- Build story's tension by failed attempts
Although Sue has had a lot of experience in church, she is very unsure of herself. It is her uncertainty that leads her to doubt God's love, his existence and her worthiness in his eyes. These are the three trials that Sue faces on her way into the forest before she starts to read the Bible. Satan puts questions into Sue's mind, because of the sinful life she has led. She does not believe that God will forgive her.

How to write a short story- Create the final crisis
Sue does not believe that God will forgive her sins. In the past Sue has broken almost all of the ten commandments and she thinks she is never going to be able to be forgiven. She knows Jesus died for our sins, but she just cannot believe it

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