Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What did you think of the inauguration celebrations!

I wasn't going to watch the celebration on television, but my mother convinced me that it was a good idea to watch it. I was glad I did, because I enjoyed listening to President Obama's speech and the parade. My favorite part was watching the bands and different groups from around the United States.

I did wish the kids were wearing their hats. It seemed awfully cold to me to not have a hat on. And I thought the First Lady might be cold too. I would imagine she might have been wearing silk undergarments to help keep her warm. I know one point in time somebody gave her hand warmers to put into her gloves.

I would guess they had so much energy they were ready to go all day long. I do wonder if the children went to school today. They probably had a fun time telling their teachers and classmates what happened and what it was like to sleep in a new house.

I wish them all of the best and I look forward to reading and listening to what the family does in the future.

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  1. I do laundry myself, once I can find the machines. I have to ask somebody about that.... The maids are there to clean the common areas and take our trash, but that's all.