Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How to write a short story- Part Two

I know there is a lot of information in the Bible and I can just hope God will lead me to the right knowledge. I need to know all about God’s existence, love and my worthiness. Sometimes I don’t believe any of it and sometimes I feel as if I know all of it like the gray hairs on my head. I heard Romans was a good book of the Bible to read. I’m not sure though. It just doesn’t seem as if one book of the Bible would be enough to change my mind. It could be though.

Tomorrow is my day off. As soon as I rise in the morning I will pack a breakfast and lunch and ride Jack up the creek to my glen. I’m shore the iris and other purty flowers will be able to help me and git me out of this sorry state. Well, I am going off to cook the night meal for all the dudes and dudettes and think about what I need to take with me in the mornin’

The kitchen I cook in is shore good. It has all the latest equipment and the larder is always full of all the fancy foods these city folk like. I’m jest so glad there are people to do the dishes and milk the cows. I jest take the menus to the missus and have her o.k. them so I can have the girls cook them. Tonight it’ll be pan-fried trout and wild dandelion salad. I thought we could make wild strawberry shortcake too. We don’t have too many folk here right now, so it won’t be so difficult for all of us to get it done and I can make shore everythin’ is in order for tomar’.

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  1. Those were nice bits of information. I'll have to use those in my next short story. Thanks!