Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bad Hair Day


Bad hair days are something else, but I will never let them get me down. I love those days, because then I can look like the rest of the people who are always looking like just got out of bed. I am sure it took them many hours and lots of time to get the hairstyle that just comes naturally to me. I have short hair, and that means that it is about 4 inches long. This is the perfect length to have a bad hair day every day. I wake up, get out of bed and I always look like a monster that crawled out of a cave. I love it. Some of my hair looks normal and flat, some is all tangled up and the rest is sticking straight up in the air. The only way to fix the problem is to get my hair wet or wash it. I guess I would be better off if my hair was curly or wavy, because then it might look like a coordinated mess. It wouldn’t be fun though. How can you have fun if your hair looks perfect all the time? I like the mess. I wonder if the way your hair looks reflects on the way the rest of you life? I might want to think about that. I stay home all the time and my hair is a mess, so is the house. I think I should start doing my hair every single day. I AM tired of a messy house so I think I will try this little experiment to see if I can get a cleaner house.

The kids always like to pretend a monster is chasing them, so here I come. I will start my experiment tomorrow.

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