Sunday, December 21, 2008

What is your most interesting Christmas memory?

What is your most interesting Christmas memory?

My most interesting Christmas was last year. The trip started out well enough. It took us (my sister, my two children and two dogs) about 16 hours of driving including our stops for supper and gas. We made it to our hometown by 7:30 p.m. My brother and his wife were planning on driving down the mountain for the Christmas Eve service in our local town. They started out, but it just got too foggy and snowy for them to see. They turned around and went back home.

We knew we would have to stay in town of 2,000 people. We were to stay at a family friend’s house. She was visiting her daughter for Christmas. We drove to the house and got the heat turned on. My sister took care of the kids while I got the dog kennel and puppies into the house. We then unloaded the most important things, so they wouldn’t freeze. My sister decided to go to the Christmas Eve service at church while I got everybody to sleep. We had a good night’s sleep. And said, “Merry Christmas” to each other. My sister gave the presents she had. After getting something from our food storage for breakfast we thought we go see what we could find for lunch. I had already talked to our mom and we knew we would be spending the day in town. We drove around and nothing was open. We found there was a gas station open and we were able to buy some burritos. When we went out, we had a flat tire. I called one of our family friends and they came and put the spare tire on. We went back to the house and spent the rest of the time watching some videos on the computer.

The next day we had to wait for my family to finish feeding the cows and calves, then they came and got us. It was windy, but the graders had gone up. We left my pickup in town and we went up into the mountains. My youngest sister and sister-in-law were there making dinner. We had our Christmas meal a day late and opened presents two days late, but it was worth it. It was lots of fun.

I got four new tires, because they had bulges in them, so this year we should have no trouble at all.

We are leaving tomorrow. I pray that our trip will end much better this year. This year we are towing a car. Please pray for warm temperatures, no wind and no snow for us. As soon as I am able to I will tell you of this year’s journey.

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