Monday, December 29, 2008


As I grew up we always had dogs. I think the most we had, when I lived on the ranch was four. These dogs were not here for the purpose of herding cows. Most of them were strays, which were found wandering on the county road. Most of the dogs were mixed, but one of them was a blue merle collie. She looked just like a wolf when she showed up one dark night. She was rightfully given the name Wolf, when she had puppies later on, one of them was named Lobo (wolf in Spanish).

All of the dogs on the ranch were/are lots of fun to be with. Now I live in another state and have my own dogs.

When I got married, my husband and I decided we would get a couple of dogs. We saw an ad in the paper and went to the farm to choose our puppies. We got two girls, Sue and Lady. They are part beagle and part spaniel. Lady looks like a typical beagle and Sue is black and white. That was almost ten years ago.

When we were going to have our first child, I saw an ad for two beagle/border collie puppies. My husband took a look at them and then we had our third dog, Kody. He is all white with black spots.

None of the dogs at that time had been fixed. When my son was almost one we had 15 puppies. Lady had seven puppies and Sue had eight puppies. Let me just say, once puppies get old enough it is not fun to clean up after 15 puppies. They were lots of fun with their own personalities. They were all different colors of black, white and brown. There were several puppies which were shaggy, which was the only proof that Kody is part border collie. He has short hair. Sue, Lady and Kody were good parents.

When the puppies got old enough we sold all of them but seven of them. Two we had decided to keep and three of them were going to be for my sisters and dad. The other two we had not been able to sell and we brought them out to give to people. The two family friends that chose them have enjoyed their dogs for the last four years.

I am not sure how many of the puppies that we sold are still living. I know of one that was lost, when she did not come back after she went with the snow machine. As for the five dogs that we have, they have all gotten out of the yard at least once. They have all either come back or we found them. We are lucky, because we have beaten the odds.

I am glad that I grew up and I am glad that my children will have that chance with some of the nicest dogs I have ever known.

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