Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What is your favorite genre?

I am not sure about many of you, but I find that my favorite genres change on average every couple of years. Currently my favorite genre is Christian fiction. I enjoy reading the young adult books best, because they have themes that teach better than adult Christian fiction. I have not been able to find many good Christian adult fiction, they seem to be mostly romance. It is important when I read to be able to learn. I like learning more about God and I know it is important for young adults. Sometimes churches do not teach the young adults or do not know how to teach them. It is good that there are writers who will take the time to write quality books for people at an impressionable age.

My favorite author currently in Christian fiction is Wayne Thomas Batson. Mr. Batson writes fantasy, which is really exciting to me, because I have always liked fantasy. He is a middle school reading teacher and he writes for the kids he knows so well. He has written The Door Within Trilogy and he has written Isle of Swords and then continued the story in Isle of Fire.

This genre invite us to learn more about God in a very subtle way. I find that I am always looking up the different verses that are talked about in the books that I have been reading. I usually read the entire chapter of the book and sometimes surrounding chapters.

I am glad I have discovered young adult Christian fiction. It will help me learn more about God.

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