Thursday, December 18, 2008

Write a poem about food choices in the United States of America

Children in the United States can eat many different kinds of food. The children in this poem want the food they are currently crazy about.

A will only eat Apples,
B, bananas.
C loves vitamins from Carrots,
D makes bread from Dates.
E dives into Eggplant,
F swims like the Fish he eats.
G stuffs her face with Grapes and
H for every meal eats Ham.
I loves a dish of Ice cream, not a cone.
J puts Jalapenos on his tacos.
K peels her Kiwi,
L has Italian dressing on her Lettuce.
M warms his Milk to drink it.
N boils his noodles,
O goes to Florida to get Oranges.
P pours cream on her Peaches,
Q hunts for Quail,
R takes a handful of Raisins.
S makes Squash pies,
T fishes for Trout in streams.
U bakes an Upside-down cake.
V eats Veal,
W spits seeds from Watermelon.
X needs an X-ray from the food he ate,
Y has Yogurt for breakfast every day.
Z fries Zucchini.

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